Williamsport Composite Squadron
Pennsylvania Wing ★ Civil Air Patrol

The CAP Core Values

Civil Air Patrol's core values serve not only to help us establish our expectations of ourselves and our members, they also are the ethical framework for our service to our community and country.

  • Integrity: We do the right thing. Courageously. Always. We expect the highest levels of conduct. We earn respect for our self-discipline. And we reward those whose character shows in all that they do.
  • Volunteer Service: Service to humanity is the very essence of our organization. We all give willingly of our time, energy, and personal resources. We must never forget that some of us have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving.
  • Excellence: Ours is a culture of continuous improvement. We are committed to the consistent improvement of humanitarian service to our country.
  • Respect: CAP members come from all walks of life. We treat each other with fairness and dignity. This is what makes us a strong and mission-capable team.