Williamsport Composite Squadron
Pennsylvania Wing ★ Civil Air Patrol

Commander’s Welcome

Welcome to the Williamsport Composite Squadron! As the Congressionally chartered Auxiliary to the U.S. Air Force, our three missions are Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. We achieve this by assisting federal, state, and local authorities in responding to emergencies and mitigate disasters, educating the public about aerospace education, science, engineering, and technology, and engaging America’s youth with our cadet program that focused on teaching good citizenship, strong moral character, and organizational leadership.

"Our squadron proudly supports all three of Civil Air Patrol's missions. Our members — all volunteers — train and serve as pilots and aircrew, radio operators, and field personnel on the ground to find lost persons, bring aid to disaster-stricken areas, and support our military. Our aerospace outreach involves working with a variety of schools and local groups to further education and promote aviation. Finally, our cadets take on roles of great responsibility serving in all our missions, and are well-prepared to tackle challenges both in our community or around the world." - Capt Bisgaier, former commander

If you have an interest in joining us, please come to one of our meetings or contact one of our members. Our ranks are always ready to accept both young and old, civilian or veteran, pilot or not.

James Weiskopff, Capt, CAP